Logo bar of the Alaska Public Lands Information Center which are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok and Ketchikan
A child's watercolor painting of snow falling on craggy, blue, snow-capped mountains.
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For Kids - Anchorage

There is a lot to do at the Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center!

If you can't visit us you can still do a LOT of fun activities on our website! Click HERE to play games, watch movies, request stickers, and more!

Watch the Aurora Podcast Watch the Sundog video Watch the Leave No Trace video Watch the Bear Safety Video

 What are some things to do when you visit the center?

Scavenger hunt pages with animals found at AAPLIC
Kate Legner, NPS
Find all of these animals and more when you do a scavenger hunt!

Alaska Animal Scavenger Hunt.
Come to our center and ask to do an Alaska Animal Scavenger Hunt. You will learn some cool facts about animals, and if you find them all you will win a prize!

Alaska Greatland Junior Ranger badge
Junior Rangers receive a cool badge like those worn by National Park Rangers!

Become an Alaska Greatland Junior Ranger!
Complete the fun activities in our Alaska Greatland Junior Ranger Packet and earn a Jr. Ranger badge and certificate. You can stop by to pick up a Jr. Ranger packet, or you can e-mail or write to request one.


Write to :
Alaska Public Lands Information Center
605 W. 4TH Ave Suite 105
Anchorage, AK 99501


Kids in grass field
Kids participating in summer program!

ParKids Summer Camp 2014 FULL, please check back March 2015

ParKids Summer Camp 2014!
Come and sign up for our week long summer camp. Each day we will bring kids to various places around Anchorage and participate in outdoor activities including hiking, visit nature centers and much more! Click on the image for our flyer!

For more information, contact Helen Fields


Bring completed form to the Alaska Public Lands Information Center

The curved dorsal fin of an orca whale breaches the surface of a smooth, glassy ocean. Snow covered mountains are in the background. Did You Know?
Beluga and orca whales are two marine mammals that are occasionally spotted on the Knik & Turnagain Arms of Cook Inlet, near Anchorage.