Logo bar of the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers which are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok and Ketchikan
Dall Sheep gazing down from their wild throne set upon Denali's mountaintops.
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Anchorage Alaska Center

The Alaska Public Lands Information Center , located in downtown Anchorage, is the best way to ensure you will get the most out of your Alaskan experience.

Staffed by National Park Rangers, the center offers a plethora of information: from one-on-one trip planning assistance, to brochures and maps, to camping destinations, safety tricks, and so much more.

"We initially visited to use the bathrooms but ended up staying for several hours... This is well worth a visit." ~ TripAdvisor
View more on the official Alaska National Park Service Youtube Channel

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The Anchorage, Alaska Public Lands Information Center is a year-round facility welcoming nearly 80,000 visitors, locals, and students a year. Located in Anchorage's historic Federal Building, the center hosts exhibits representing natural, historical, and cultural features throughout the state. Wandering among the exhibits, visitors get a mini-tour of Alaska. One can also find a wealth of information about recreating on public lands in the state, as well as materials for educators to bring back to their classrooms. The Anchorage Center has it all!

Video Audio Description:

Sun shines down through tree leaves and branches transitioning from blurred to focused. The words “Roughly 89% of Alaska is Public Land… That’s over 6 times the size of the United Kingdom,” scroll across the screen.


The shot transitions to a close up of a sign stating “Alaska Public Lands Information Center” outside of a large concrete building. Off to the left behind the close up of the sign are some stairs and banner on the side of the building stating “ Exhibits | Movies | Maps | Books | Free Admission”. The words “With so much land to explore, where will your alaskan adventure take you?” scroll across the screen.


The camera transitions to a panning shot showing more of the large concrete building. The building is lined by trees and has multiple 3 story tall windows. There are stairs and a ramp leading to a tall entrance. The sign and banner in the last shot are now fully visible. There is a bikerack on the sidewalk and the words “Federal Building, 605 W. 4th Ave. Anchorage, Alaska” etched into the front of the building.


The camera angle moves low looking across the steps leading to the building entrance as multiple blurred feet make their way up into the information center.


The shot blurs subtly and we are now inside the center looking across a plethora of colorful exhibits: there are models of salmon and mounts of dall sheep, sea otter, caribou, sitka black-tailed deer, black bear and brown bear, wolverine, arctic fox, wolf, snowy owl, muskox, and polar bear.


The shot transitions in close looking up at the caribou mount. The caribou has large antlers multiple feet wide and tall with many tines. Signs hang down from the ceiling in the background informing visitors about what region of the state nearby exhibits relate to: Southeast Alaska in the foreground and Southcentral behind. The words appear as if from behind the caribou, scrolling right, stating, “Brochures & Guides | Park Ranger Knowhow | Exhibits”.


The scene transitions to a screen capture of an interactive map explorer in use sped up many times over: The state of Alaska appears at first and quickly zooms around the state stopping to look at Denali National Park and Preserve, Anchorage, and the Aleutian Islands. As the map continues to move over Alaska, the words emerge from the center of the screen stating, “Interactive Maps & Trip Planning”.


Camera moves to a hallway. As the camera drifts past the paneling of a large door you enter into a dark theater. Many rows of tiered movie seats are dimly visible from the glow of a very large theater screen. There is a person hiking over towering mountain peeks on screen. The words, “Full Sized Theater | All Showings are Free,” scroll left out of the darkness.


The Camera now rests very close to a theater seat, transitioning from blurry to focused. The words “Stadium Style Seating” appear.


There is a momentary flash and we are outside the visitor center along the street. The camera pans along colorful storefront signs. A woman exits a shop with bags in hand. Mountains are visible on the horizon. The words “Located in Vibrant Downtown Anchorage” appear from the center of the screen.


A park ranger is now leading visitors across a street. There are many visitors behind the National Park Ranger; at least 20 people. The words “ Walking Tours | Demonstrations | and Special Events” appear.


The camera now transitions more closely to the Park Ranger as she describes something utilizing a large map of Alaska. We cannot hear the words she is saying but she is located in front of and up a hill from the Anchorage Train Depot. Her actions are sped up considerably, simulating a time-lapse.


The camera angle now shifts across the Anchorage waterfront focusing on a distant snow capped summit. The words “Views of Denali (Mount McKinley) | 20,322 ft.” appear.


An artistic shot of a road sign with arms extending in all directions comes into view. At first we are focused on the sign stating “Miami 5039 Air Miles” and then the focus transitions to another arm stating “Seward 127 Rd. Miles”.


The scene transitions to a mountain vista with canyons and waterfalls. A young female hiker with a blue jacket, a small grey backpack and short cropped hair, appears walking to an overlook from the left corner of the screen. The words “Camping Information | Trail Destinations | Safety Topics | Tips & Tricks” fade into view.


The shot now transitions to the same female hiker, now cycling on a fat tired mountain bike upon a remote wild lands trail. Tall brown grasses surround a grey trail and the cyclist rides on, splashing through a small stream intersecting the trail. As the shot pans and zooms out spiring peaks can be seen dotting the landscape.


The scene transitions to a closeup of a brown bear skull. Large canines shift from in focus to out of focus as a book entitled “Bears of Brooks Camp” becomes legible off behind the bear skull. Two logos fade in on the lower right of the screen: The National Park Arrowhead with the words “National Park Service” on a field with a white buffalo, a sequoia tree in green, and a snow capped peak; and the Alaska Public Lands Information Center’s logo with their title located under a silhouette of the state of Alaska. The words “No matter where your Alaskan adventure takes you, it begins here at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center.” fade into the center of the frame. The words “Mountains of Gold by World Beyond - a Creative Commons License,” fades in small text, lower left.


All text and imagery fade to dark.


Mt. McKinley in stark white with blue shadows rises above low clouds on a clear day. Did You Know?
The highest elevation established campsite in Alaska is High Camp at 17,000 feet on Denali. Only used for about three months every year, it is also the coldest & windiest campsite in Alaska!