Logo bar of the Alaska Public Lands Information Center which are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok and Ketchikan
The top of a mountain that's covered in green, red, and orange for the fall. The sky is blue behind it with a big, white cloud.
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State of Alaska - Department of Natural Resources
Alaska Department of Natural Resources logo. A white circle with black lettering contains a spruce tree on the banks of a river. A snowcapped mountain and setting sun are in the background.
The Alaska DNR logo.
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources
“The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the state agency that administers the state’s programs for forestry, parks, recreational areas, land, water, agriculture, soil conservation, minerals and hydrocarbons.” 

DNR manages all state-owned land, water, and natural resources--excluding fish and game--on behalf of the people of Alaska. The department is split into seven divisions: Agriculture, Forestry, Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Mining, Land & Water, Oil & Gas, Parks & Outdoor Recreation, and Support Services.

Visit the DNR's official Website at

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Alaska State Parks logo
Alaska State Parks logo

Alaska State Parks
Alaska has 119state parks that cover 3.3 million acres of land! Alaska State Parks are great places to camp, rent public use cabins, hike, ski, and enjoy all sorts of outdoor recreation year round. Make sure to practice leave no trace and Tread Lightly! etiquette.

To find a park nearby, visit:

Black and white aerial photo of the Colville River winding through tundra. Did You Know?
Lying entirely north of the Arctic Circle, the 350 mile long Colville River is the longest clear-running river in Alaska that drains a remote region of tundra which is frozen for more than half the year.