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An arctic grayling in a pool. The fish's colors are that of a metallic looking rainbow and its dorsal fin looks as if it is overly large for its body.
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Special Events


Find Your Park @ REI in Fairbanks

Stay tuned for Find Your Park @ REI events in the future! These special talks and programs will highlight parks and places across Alaska that are great for recreating, discovering, and connecting to America's public lands.

February First Friday: "Alaskan Landscapes" with Virginia Gourley
After living in the Denali area, Virginia Gourley is now settled in the surrounding hills of Fairbanks. her paintings and photographs truly reflect her travels around this great state.

March First Friday: "Winter Journeys" with Heidi Hatcher
Heidi is passionate about spending time in the woods, on the ridges, and in the wilds of the world. Photography is her creative outlet, but it's also a tool through which she endeavors to share her passion, and hopefully ignites that passion in others.


Shown 7 days a week in our 100-seat theater

9am: Heartbeats of Denali [30mins]
Noon: Aurora: Rivers of Light in the Sky [40mins]
2pm: Winter Patrol: Denali by Dogsled [30mins]
4pm: Aurora: Rivers of Light in the Sky [40mins]

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You can also stay up-to-date with special events and programs by following our Alaska Centers - Fairbanks Facebook page.

A sharp knife's edge ridge decends from the snow covered peak of the Mount Bona volcano. Cloudy skies comprise the background. Did You Know?
Mount Bona, the highest volcano in the U.S. at 16,421 ft, is the head of the glacier & icefield-covered mountain massif in Wrangell-St Elias National Park that supplies the majority of glacial silt to the Yukon River, via the massive Russell & Klutlan Glaciers.