Logo bar of the Alaska Public Lands Information Center which are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok and Ketchikan
close up of Daisy the porcupine from the Alaska Zoo during one of her visits to the Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center
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Alaska Zoo Programs

Please note the "Zoo Animal Visit" program has ended for the summer of 2013. Check back in May of 2014 for a schedule of upcoming summer programs.

Every Wednesday at 2pm!

Mr. Pickles the baby porcupine, or porcupet, visited for an educational outreach program. About 30 Elementary school students attended as well as other visitors. Mr. Pickles is a rescued, orphaned porcupet who is only a few months old and loves to climb. He will be back this Wednesday at 2pm!

Snippet of a rescued baby porcupine. A partnership with the Alaska Zoo and the Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center allows visitors to learn more about Alaska's wildlife. This special program features different animals each Thursday at 2:00pm throughout the summer. Rescued and rehabbed animals are ambassadors for their species and all of Alaska's diverse wildlife. Visit or for more information.

A live fox named Chance visits from the Alaska Zoo for an educational program.
Chance the Fox and his handler Marla give a presentation.
Meet live animals from the Alaska Zoo!

Join staff from the Alaska Zoo for a special program featuring a live Alaskan animal! Animal handlers will discuss the biology of each featured animal and speak about the importance of zoos in this time of dwindling wildlife populations.

Some featured animals include a red fox, a porcupine, moose, musk ox, wolf pups, a sea otter, a dall sheep lamb and many more!

Zoo animals will visit every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. this summer.


The Alaska Zoo
The mission of the Alaska Zoo is "to promote the conservation of arctic, sub-arctic and like-climate species through education, research and community enrichment."

The nonprofit Alaska Zoo focuses on conservation, research and education. The Zoo mainly houses animals native to Alaska but is also part of the Species Survival Plan program for tigers and snow leopards, and Polar Bear International.

The animals in the Alaska Zoo are orphaned, injured, or donated. 

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Activities at the visitor centers
Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Tok & Anchorage
A drawing of a treasure chest.
Education Kits
Find education kits available for loan across the State.
Captain Cook
Walking Tours
Join a park ranger at 11:00 & 2:30 during the summer for a FREE Captain Cook walking tour!
closeup of daisy the porcupine stepping out of her carrier.
Alaska Zoo Programs
Thursday is zoo day at the Alaska Center in Anchorage
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Alaska Student Information?
Visit a student page for interesting facts about Alaska!
A small wolverine stands in tall, dry grass, looking toward the camera. Did You Know?
The highest density of wolverines in Alaska is located above the Arctic Circle in the treeless tundra of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.