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Six girl scouts bundled up for winter are all watch excitedly for a winter fish catch.
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Activities for Kids
a park ranger flat hat
You can become a junior ranger by filling out the information at home and contacting a park!

Become A Junior Ranger!

There are many ways to become a Junior Ranger!


Become A Junior Cave Scientist!

Explore the fascinating and fragile underground world of caves by visiting the Junior Cave Scientist Program website, downloading the activity booklet, completing the activities, and returning it to the address located on the website.


Become a Junior Ranger Night Explorer

Learn about stars and galaxies in the visible night sky and beyond in this Junior Ranger Night Explorers Activity book for ages 5 to 12. Use all of your senses to explore the night environment at a national park.

Visit the website to download the Junior Ranger Night Explorer Book

a Junior Ranger Badge
Some junior ranger programs have their own badge. Others have junior ranger patches.

Become a Junior Paleontologist!  

You can explore the way Paleontologist work, learn about Earth's history, and protect the rocks and fossils in National Parks.  

Download a Junior Paleontologist book Or request a book by mail.  

Send completed books to the address below to receive your Junior Paleontologist badge: Alaska Public Lands Information Center 605 W. 4TH Ave Suite 105 Anchorage, AK 99501


Become a Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer

Complete the activities in the Underwater Explorer book to earn your Junior Ranger badge. Learn about the underwater resource of the National Parks while completing these fun activities.

Download your Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer book.  

To receiver your badge, mail your completed book to: National Park Service, Submerged Resources Center: Junior Ranger, 12795 W. Alameda Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80228

Jr Ranger Zachary Albin
Becoming a junior ranger can be fun!

Become a Wilderness Explorer Junior Ranger!

Completing the activities in the Wilderness Junior Ranger booklet will teach you all about the wilderness areas within our National Parks. It is a fun way to learn about how to protect our wilderness.

Download a Wilderness Explorer Jr. Ranger book

To receive your patch, mail your completed book to: Alaska Public Lands Information Center 605 W. 4TH Ave Suite 105 Anchorage, AK 99501


Become a Web Junior Ranger!

Becoming a Junior Ranger is a great way to learn about the over 400 National Parks in the United States. Complete a variety of fun online activities to earn your Junior Ranger Patch. There are lots of exciting games you can play as you learn about becoming a Junior Ranger.

Visit the Web Jr. Ranger website


Visit one of our Centers for on site junior ranger programs!

Bear Safety and Urban Wildlife stickers
Request a free sticker today!

Learn About Wildlife Safety With A Sticker

Alaska is home to many kinds of wildlife. Learn about how to enjoy wildlife safely AND to request free stickers!

Learn about Urban Wildlife in Alaska and get a free sticker

Learn about Bear Safety and get a free sticker

A snapshot from the Aurora Borealis video
The best time to see the aurora in Alaska is in winter

Watch Videos


Aurora Borealis

Have you ever wondered what causes those beautiful colors in the night sky?

Watch this short film where a ranger explains the magical colors of the aurora

The long, winding Noatak River meanders through a lush green valley in the Brooks Range. Low mountains rise from the valley floor. Did You Know?
All 425 miles of the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, a National Wild River, is located entirely above the Arctic Circle.