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A blue and white tree swallow, perched on a branch, looks to the camera.
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Great Horned Owl perched on a volleyball net.
NPS/Kent Miller
Great Horned Owl
Alaska provides important habitat to hundreds of species of birds from Arctic Warblers to Waxwings. People travel from all over the world to view birds in Alaska's beautiful and rugged landscapes. Whether you visit the taiga forests, frozen tundra, high peaks, or vast rain forests, birding opportunities abound. Listed below are links to some of the best websites for information on birds and birding in Alaska.

Alaska Birding Information
Get information about specific bird species in Alaska, tips for attracting and responsibly feeding birds, and take a fun name-that-bird quiz. Learn about the Wings Over Alaska program which awards participants with certificates based on how many species of birds they identify in the State.

Audubon Alaska
Find links to Audubon chapters around the State, and read about scientific research including information on how climate change is effecting bird populations in Alaska.

The Audubon Society Anchorage Chapter
Learn where to go for some of the best birding in Anchorage, and get birding checklists for the area.

Birding in Interior Alaska (.pdf)
Describes some of the best birding locations in and around the Fairbanks area.

Bird Festivals Throughout Alaska
Multiple birding festivals happen every year in Alaska, offering visitors opportunities to view migrating birds and interact with other birders. This site describes some of the festivals, along with the latest information about birding festivals happening around the State.

National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska
Alaska is home to sixteen National Wildlife Refuges. For those willing to make the extra effort to reach them these refuges can be fantastic spots to view all kinds of wildlife, especially birds. A list of the National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska is found on our USFWS page and a map of the refuges in Alaska is available at Many of these National Wildlife Refuges offer checklists on their websites for birders showing which bird species are available for viewing within the Refuge.

If you are an educator please check out out Statewide Education Kits page for information on how to borrow the Bird Beak Adaptations or the Songbird Blues kit, and kits on many other subjects, for use with your students!

A graphic image of a calculator. The text reads Alaska public lands statistics. Did You Know?
In 2007, Alaska’s nonfuel raw mineral production was valued at $3.52 billion. While gold production led to a major boom in Alaska at the turn of the century, zinc production now outranks gold as Alaska's number one valued nonfuel mineral.