Careers and Summer Jobs


Job Opportunities at our centers:  

Ranger Assisting Visitors at Front Desk
A Ranger at the Fairbanks Center helps visitors with trip planning information.

We are offer a wide variety of opportunities to become a park ranger at all of our Alaska centers throughout the state. If you are interested in becoming a park ranger at any of the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers or the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center and would like information about us, please contact us directly. 

The National Park Service hires a number of summer seasonal positions across Alaska's national parks. Find more about working as a National Park Service employee and how to apply. 

The U.S. Forest Service also hires seasonals to work in Alaska's national forests, the Chugach and the Tongass. Find out more about working for the Forest Service.

To find out about current job opportunities for the Alaska Centers as well as our partners park sites please visit

For High School Students

Youth Conservation Corps

The Youth Conservation Corps is a program that has helped educate and enrich high school students since it's creation in 1970. 

As a YCC member you will work on a variety of projects that help protect, preserve, and restore the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the agency in which you work for. 

The YCC summer programs are generally 8 to 10 weeks long.

Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 18 years and be a citizen of the United States. Both males and females from all social, economic, ethnic, and racial classifications are eligible to join. 

Many public lands in Alaska and throughout the country host YCC members including the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

For College Students

The Student Conservation Association

The Student Conservation Association is a program created for college age students with an interest in the field of conservation and preservation through employment at different federal and state agencies nationwide. 

The SCA sends thousands of students out each year to work with both state and federal agencies. There students gain vital leadership and job skills through hands on experiences. Along with this great personal opportunity students are also promoting conservation of our natural resources. 

At the Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska Public Lands Information Centers, SCA interns are engaged in the foundation of the National Park Service: interpretation and education. They work alongside rangers and other staff members to provide visitors, young and old, with the best possible Alaska experience. These students build skill sets in doing interpretive presentations/ programs such as walking tours, roving contacts, and special programs at the center! From organizing children's summer programs, to web design, and imperative public speaking skills- our interns get to experience it all!

Similar to the opportunities at the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers, the SCA offers a wide variety of internships. Ranging from trail crews, to invasive species  control and data collection to museum curator or wildfire control. 

For Teachers

Looking for a unique opportunity to combine your expertise as a teacher and gain valuable experience working at a National Park?

The Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) program allows school teachers in Anchorage and Fairbanks to become education park rangers!

Through an agreement between University of Colorado-Denver and the National Park Service (NPS), teachers are provided a summer professional development opportunity to learn about the educational resources, programs and themes provided by the National Park Service.

  • Learn how to incorporate primary resources and scientific data into lesson plans and learning activities
  • Perform various duties depending on your interests and the needs of the park during the summer, including:
    • developing and presenting interpretive programs for the general public,
    • staffing the visitor center desk,
    • developing curriculum‐based materials,
    • and taking on special projects

If you are interesting in applying and/or for more information, please contact education staff in Anchorage or Fairbanks.

  • For Anchorage:
  • For Fairbanks: