Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and Backpacking in Alaska

Alaska is filled with endless possibilities for hiking and backpacking around the state. Hiking across arctic tundra, alpine meadows, sand dunes, glacial outwash plains, glaciers, temperate rainforests, tussocks, alder-choked valleys, boreal forests, abandoned mines, ancient trade routes, and even beaches, are all possible in Alaska. Opportunities for hiking multiple days on maintained trails can be found throughout southeast, southcentral, and interior Alaska. However, much of Alaska is a trail-less wilderness where you could easily backpack and route-find for weeks without seeing another person.

Just about every public land in Alaska has opportunities for hiking and backpacking; some you can drive to, boat to, fly to, or even hike in to. Make sure to research safety topics like water crossings, wildlife etiquette, minimum-impact camping, and how to properly file a trip plan with a friend before you head out into the wilderness. If this seems a little overwhelming, many national parks and wildlife refuges have an approved list of guides and outfitters who can take care of the details for you. Or you can always call and talk to a ranger to help guide your hiking plans. Being prepared for the Alaskan backcountry will reward you with unforgettable experiences!