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Become A Junior Ranger!

Becoming a Junior Ranger is a great way to learn about the over 400 National Parks in the United States. Complete a variety of fun online activities to earn your Junior Ranger Patch. There are lots of exciting games you can play as you learn about becoming a Junior Ranger. You can find Junior Ranger activities from: 

Become an Agent of Discovery!

Child holding a phone in a grassy field with the game
Agents of Discovery is an interactive mobile app to get youth involved and exploring public lands and natural places! The player is an Agent that assists Animal Agents on a mission to collect USbees that have been stolen. The USBees are hidden along the mission sites and you must answer the questions to unlock the USBees!

Check out the Agents of Discovery app, featuring missions with the Bureau of Land Managment Campbell Creek Science Center and the US Forest Service Chugach National Forest. It combines nature, discovery, and technology to get kids exploring and learning on public lands across the state and around the country. To start your adventures, download the Agents of Discovery app, select a mission, and head out for an adventure! There are many missions available across multiple public lands agencies so no matter where  you’re traveling you can find a mission close by!

Find out more information about missions available with the Forest Service in Alaska.   

Find out more about the missions at the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

Gray bird mascot in BLM uniform excited for you to explore public lands
Campbell Creek Science Center's Agent Dipper invites you to explore!

Find Adventure in your own Backyard! 

Sometimes we are not able to get out into one of our public lands but we can still learn something about the natural world around us! The Campbell Creek Science Center has a number of activities like scavenger hunts, Nature Bingo, and how to create a sound map

Roam the (Virtual) Tundra

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with musk ox on the tundra? Or what a ptarmigan sounds like? Explore life in the artic with the Arctic Animal Discovery! You can use your mouse and keyboard to explore the seasons and landscapes of the far north, and learn how humans have lived here for thousands of years!