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Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite. Library of Congress.
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Maps of Northern Alaska
Arctic National Wildlife RefugeNational Petroleum Reserve - AlaskaGates of the Arctic National Park and PreserveKobuk Valley National ParkNoatak National PreserveCape Krusenstern National Monument
Northern Alaska

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The northern part of Alaska provides many remote and wild opportunities for recreation; from Crossing the Arctic Circle on a tour bus, or visiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to exploring the Gates of the Arctic national Park.

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Close up image of a polar bear staring directly into the camera. The bear has a little bit of snow on his nose. Did You Know?
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge supports Alaska’s highest density of polar bear land dens. The world’s largest land carnivore chooses den sites in the Refuge’s large snowdrifts that occur in the uneven terrain of the northern foothills and coastal plain.