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Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite. Library of Congress.
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Maps of Northern Alaska
Arctic National Wildlife RefugeNational Petroleum Reserve - AlaskaGates of the Arctic National Park and PreserveKobuk Valley National ParkNoatak National PreserveCape Krusenstern National Monument
Northern Alaska

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The northern part of Alaska provides many remote and wild opportunities for recreation; from Crossing the Arctic Circle on a tour bus, or visiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to exploring the Gates of the Arctic national Park.

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A distant profile shot of a cow moose and calf standing in knee high, dry grasses. A small copse of spruce trees are in the distance and low, dark mountains are on the horizon. Did You Know?
The abundance of wildlife has made the Yukon Delta the heart of the Yup'iq Eskimo culture in Alaska. Forty-two Native villages are located within the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge boundary. Residents depend upon the fish, wildlife, and other resources to continue a subsistence lifestyle.