Teacher Ranger Teacher Program

Looking for a unique opportunity to combine your expertise as a teacher and gain valuable experience working at a National Park?

The Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) program allows Anchorage public school teachers to become education park rangers!

The Teacher to Ranger to Teacher program began in Colorado in 2003. In 2007, it became a nationwide program.



The Teacher to Ranger to Teacher program began in Colorado in 2003. In 2007, it became a nationwide program.


Through an agreement between University of Colorado-Denver and the National Park Service (NPS), teachers are provided a summer professional development opportunity to learn about the educational resources, programs and themes provided by the National Park Service.

The goal of this program is to link National Park units and K-12 teachers from schools with Title I student populations in urban and rural school districts.

  • Learn how to incorporate primary resources and scientific data into lesson plans and learning activities
  • Perform various duties depending on your interests and the needs of the park during the summer, including:
    • developing and presenting interpretive programs for the general public,
    • staffing the visitor center desk,
    • developing curriculum‐based materials,
    • and taking on special projects.
  • Gain valuable information about our public lands, then use that knowledge to provide meaningful experience to children
  • Utilize your experiences to teach students and others to protect our natural resources and public lands
  • Relate your experiences as a ranger with students and staff at school during the following school year.
Teacher Ranger Teacher leading students on a nature walk.




Teacher Ranger Teacher leading students on a nature walk.



  • Five 8-hour days per week, for six weeks during the summer
  • 8:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. work day, with an hour lunch
  • Flexible scheduling can be arranged with the TRT Coordinator


  • $3000.00 compensation for the 6-week summer appointment
  • 3-hours of graduate credit through Colorado University-Denver (course work is completed during work hours)
  • Housing not included

How do I apply?

Any teacher can apply for a Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) position within National Parks, however, sites do not host a TRT position every year. If interested, please inquire with the Alaska Region TRT Coordinator, MK Repetski (mary_repetski@nps.gov), for more information.

Teacher-Ranger Benefits

  • Teacher-Rangers have the opportunity to develop a personal connection with National Parks. They develop a wide array of teaching examples based on real life experiences in parks and create instructional materials that highlight issues surrounding America’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • Teacher-Rangers are able to use park resources to help enhance their curricula.
  • Teacher-Rangers learn new interpretive techniques to engage children in the process of developing a better understanding of public lands and the issues surrounding these lands. They return to school inspired and energized by their experiences.
  • Teacher-Rangers gain invaluable connections with resource specialists, scientists, historians, and educators within the National Parks Service.

School Benefits

  • Teacher-Rangers share curricula enhancing experiences and resources with other teachers and staff members.
  • Schools benefit from establishing connections to a variety of specialists (scientists, historians, and interpretive educators) that are able to share their expertise with teachers and students.
  • Students will be exposed to the benefits and values of stewardship, conservation, and preservation through exciting classroom lessons in earth science, social studies, art, math, civics, and American cultures.
  • Students experience and learn about National Parks through the enthusiasm of their teacher who has had the opportunity to be a National Park Ranger.

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