Trip Planning

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Get Out and Explore!

Alaska is a huge state and you will hear locals lament that you could live in Alaska your whole life and not be able to see it all. Whether you are visiting for a couple hours, or a couple months, there are many different ways to experience Alaska. The 49th State has some fairly unique qualities such as the occasional moose or bear that roam the cities around the state. Before visiting, make sure you acquaint yourself with local wildlife etiquette and if you plan to travel in the backcountry, we highly recommend you read up on Leave No Trace practices and bear safety - frequent prerequisites for a backcountry permit.

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Discover what you can see in a day, 2-3 days, or more than 4 days with trip ideas from around Alaska.

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Alaska is the largest state and the United States and there are many different ways to travel around such as:

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Lodging, Passes, and Permits

Each area in Alaska has a unique way of doing things. Explore how to make reservations and get permits for activities like:

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Safety and Stewardship

When visiting Alaska it is important to respect the wildlife and natural beauty so future generations can enjoy and you can have a safe trip! Learn how by exploring:

Leave No Trace

Wildlife Etiquette

Cold Weather Safety