By Ferry

Traveling by Ferry is a fun and exciting way to travel up the coast of Alaska, especially to areas that are not accessible by car. If you decide to take a ferry trip, you will meet your ferry at the dock on your ticket and stay on that ferry until you reach your destination. Unfortunately, this is not like a cruise where you are able to get off and on the boat as you wish when docked in the different ports.


You will have the option to book a stateroom or camp out on the deck of the boat. Although it would be a once in a lifetime experience to camp on the ferries deck, remember that it will also be a very loud experience with little sleep as there are a lot of people on that deck with you. In a stateroom, you have the option to a two or four person stateroom that comes with a shower. If you choose to stay on the deck, there are communal showers available.


There is a restaurant available, but it can become expensive if you eat there for every meal. A popular way to eat while traveling on the ferry is by bringing your own food and having a picnic on the deck. It is important that you bring snacks, drinks and meals that do not need to be cooked or refrigerated. Ice, a microwave and a toaster is available on board.

Activities on Board:

It is very important to bring things to do while on board the ferry, especially the trips that take multiple days. This is not like a cruise ship where they have plenty of activities available for you to partake in. Although a lot of the ferries are equipped with a small library and an array of board games for kids, it is important to bring things just in case. The staff will have a movies available a couple times a day, along with a little tour that you are able to sign up for.

Bringing Pets:

Although the Marine Highway System is a pet-friendly means of travel, your furry friend is not allowed above the car deck. Unfortunately you are only allowed to visit your pet when the vessel is in a port and during longer days of travel you will have the opportunity to visit your pet a couple times per day, for approximately fifteen minutes each time. Pets must have an up to date health certificate showing proof of vaccines when traveling into Alaska, but not required when traveling between Alaskan ports only. This does not apply to service animals, but a prior approval must be made.

Visit the Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry Route to learn more about where the Alaska Marine Highway can take you.